Shishapangma Acrylic Painting

Auction to help support Lama’s two sons’ education

Tenjen Sherpa, or Lama, together with Kristin Harila, set, on July 27th 2023,  the world record of climbing the 14 tallest peaks of the world in only 92 days. On October 7th 2023, Lama was killed by an avalanche while climbing Shishapangma in Tibet. He leaves behind his wife Pema, and two sons Lakpa Sange (born in 2007) and Lakpa Nurbu (born in 2005).


Lama’s greatest wish – education for his two sons

During their time together, Lama and Kristin often spoke about the future. Lama told Kristin that his highest wish was for his 2 sons, Sange and Nurbu, to get an education. Back then, Kristin promised Lama she would help take care of his sons’ education.


A painting of Shishapangma auctioned out to help collect money for the boys’ education

Hilde Arnesen, the artist collaborating with Kristin Harila, has finalised her first painting, the one of Shishapangma in the morning sun. Together with Kristin, they decided that the money collected from this first painting, will go to support Sange and Nurbu’s education.


Painting details

  • Size: 80×60 cm (31×23 inches)
  • Material: Golden Acrylic on Canvas


About Shishapangma

Shishapangma, located in Tibet, is the 14th highest mountain in the world. It was the first mountain Lama and Kristin summited together, on April 26th 2023 and marked the start of a close friendship between Lama and Kristin.

The painting that is donated by Hilde Arnesen, showcases Shishapanga in the morning sun. The original photo taken by Kristin is from April 23rd 2023 at 07.45 local time, before they started their ascent from basecamp to Camp 1.

Tragically, Shishapangma is the mountain where Lama also lost his life, together with the American climber Gina Marie Rzucidlo, just a few meters from the summit.


About Hilde Arnesen

Hilde Arnesen is a fellow Finnmark native like Kristin, and shares a deep passion for the mountains. With her artistic talent, Hilde transforms photos taken by Kristin of each mountain into exquisite paintings. She is kindly donating her creations for auctions to support The Juniper Fund.


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