Starting the Tenjen-Harila Clean Up Project

Kristin Harila Is Starting The Tenjen Harila Cleanup Project

Kristin Harila set, together with Tenjen Lama Sherpa, in July 2023, the world record in climbing all fourteen 8000 meter high mountains in only 92 days. Why? To prove to the world that a good team can do anything, no matter the gender or origin.

Kristin has, during her expeditions, climbed the 8000-peaks in total 28 times. She has seen how waste negatively impact nature and people in the mountains. She has, in memory of late Lama, decided to start the TENJEN-HARILA Cleanup Project. A project with an overall goal to make mountain tourism more sustainable and improve living conditions for the people who live off and work on the mountains.

On March 26th 2024, Kristin Harila will return to Nepal, this time with the objective of starting the Tenjen-Harila Cleanup Project. A project for Altitude Cleanup and Attitude Change. 

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