Kristin reaches the top of Makalu


Makalu, Nepal – May 13th, approx. 8:35am – Kristin, the renowned mountaineer and adventurer, has achieved her third summit of the year with a successful ascent of Makalu, one of the most challenging peaks in the world. The summit, which stands at an impressive 8,485 meters (27,838 feet), was a gruelling climb, but Kristin was able to push through and reach the top, once again demonstrating her incredible strength, skill, and determination.

Kristin’s successful summit of Makalu comes after her recent record-breaking climb of all 14 mountains above 8,000 meters, cementing her status as one of the most accomplished and respected mountaineers in the world. Despite already reaching such a significant milestone, Kristin shows no signs of slowing down and is determined to continue pushing herself to new heights.

Big round of applause to Kristin and her entire climbing team for this successful summit of Makalu. The team is made up of Tenjen (Lama) Sherpa and Lakpa Sherpa (fixing team leader). Kristin would also like to extend her thanks to her amazing team of sponsors: Bremont, Osprey, Scarpa, SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, Sparebanken Vest, Helsport, Global Rescue, Outdoor and REAL Turmat. She would also like to thank all those who have contributed to her climb and all her followers.

Kristin’s achievements in mountaineering have inspired countless people around the world, and her determination to push herself to new heights is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and strength. As she continues to break new ground and set new records, Kristin shows us that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and an unbreakable spirit.



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