Kristin Harila Conquers Dhaulagiri


Dhaulagiri, Nepal – May 29th, approx. 06:15AM – Kristin Harila, a Norwegian mountaineer and adventurer, has achieved a significant milestone in her quest to conquer the 14 peaks. With the successful summit of Dhaulagiri as her 7th mountain this year, she has officially reached the halfway point in her impressive challenge. Kristin embarked on her record attempt earlier this year, starting with her first summit on April 26, 2023. Thus, she has achieved the halfway point in just over a month!

Dhaulagiri, standing at 8167 meters, is an iconic mountain in the Himalayan region and represents a remarkable accomplishment for Kristin. Her dedication, endurance, and passion for mountaineering are what have led her to this significant milestone. As part of her goal to break the record for summiting the 14 peaks, Dhaulagiri marks a meaningful step forward in her adventure.

Kristin’s record attempt is not just a personal achievement but also an opportunity to inspire and motivate others, especially women, to explore their own limits and overcome challenges. She wants to show that it is possible to make a name for oneself in a sport primarily dominated by male athletes. Through her record attempt, Kristin also hopes to raise awareness about the specific challenges female mountaineers face both during their climbs and beyond.

With the halfway point reached, Kristin looks ahead to the next challenges that await her. She continues to push herself, with her sights set on completing the remaining seven peaks on the list. She plans to maintain a safe and efficient climbing strategy to ensure she can finish her climbs within the established timeframe.

Congratulations to Kristin and her entire climbing team for this successful summit of Dhaulagiri, including Tenjen (Lama) Sherpa who has climbed every mountain this year with her so far, as well as Lakpa Dorchi Sherpa and Nima Wangdak Sherpa. Kristin would also like to extend her thanks to her amazing team of sponsors: Bremont, Osprey, Scarpa, SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, Sparebanken Vest, Helsport, Global Rescue, Outdoor, REAL Turmat and Aclima. She would also like to thank all those who have contributed to her climb and all her followers.

Stay tuned to Kristin Harila’s journey as she continues to push boundaries and set new records in the world of mountaineering.

For press inquiries or sponsor opportunities, please contact Rigmor Berthier at +47 464 44 982 or Follow her expedition on Instagram @kristin.harila !

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