How To Help Lama’s Family

Kristin Harila And Tenjen Lama Sherpa

Many of you have asked about how you could help Lama’s family. Kristin has been talking to the family and also to The Juniper Fund and Seven Summit Treks. Below, we have listed what is being done and what you can do, if you want to help.

What Lama’s sons want more than anything:

Lakpa Sange and Lakpa Nurbu, Lama’s two sons, have told Kristin that they wish for their father’s body to be found. Kristin wants to help to grant them their wish. However, a search-and retrieval mission is very costly so we have put up a GoFundMePage for this mission:

Kristin’s promise to Lama:

Kristin has promised Lama that she will help with his boys’ education. She intends to honour this promise with the help from close family and friends. Lakpa Sange and Lakpa Nurbu will get the education Lama wished for. Please contact if you wish to help Kristin in any way with the boys’ education.

To collect money for the education, Hilde Arnesen kindly donated her painting of Shishapangma for an auction to collect money for Lakpa Sange and Lakpa Nurbu’s educaction. The auction is now over.

The Juniper Fund

For the ones who have been following Kristin for some time might know about Kristin’s support for The Juniper Fund. They aid and empower families and communities impacted by the loss of Himalayan high-altitude workers. They help Lama’s family and many other families. Melissa Arnot Reid is a good friend of Kristin, and one of the people behind the organisation which is run in a clean and reliable manner. If you want to help them, please donate via their website:

Seven Summits Treks

This is the company that employed Lama, and over the years they have become more than just an employer. They are a tight-knit group of friends. SST is already helping the family by covering costs of the family’s most basic needs like rent, electricity and other costs. They will do this for as long as it is needed.

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