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Welcome At Kristin Harila

Dear friends, climbers and all others who has followed me on this amazing journey. I need your help!

Since 28th of April, I’ve climbed 11th of the 14th highest mountains in the world together with @pasdawa_mountaineer and uncle @dawaongjusherpa from @8kexpeditions in my #Bremont14Peaks project.

Now we just have 3 more mountains to climb before November 2 to break the record.

I am feeling good, both physically and mentally ready summit Manaslu. We are now in the basecamp, hopefully summiting next week or so.

We just met @nimsdai here, where he is leading a team of sherpas who are going to fix the ropes to the summit.

As most of you know, he is the one who inspired me to try the impossible: to summit all the highest mountains in the world in less than six months. I want to show that also women can break barriers in the sport of mountaineering.

But just like Nims, I need help to get the permit from the Chinese authorities to climb Shishapangma and Cho Oyu.

Every efforts so far has not led to success, even though I have got tremendous help from all over the world, including the Chinese ambassador in Norway.

I need all help I can get. Any ideas. Contact with anyone who can help me in the dialogue with the Chinese authorities. We need to move quickly to break the record.

Please contact me on email post@kristinharila.com if you think you can help!

And please to share this message to as many as you can.

Thank you for all your help and support. It really means a lot to me, Pasdawa and uncle Dawa.

Thanks to my sponsors: @bremontwatches @sequoiaschmidt  @global_rescue @ospreyeurope

Love from @kristin.harila

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